Monday, April 18, 2016

An Invitation to Insanity

You have often heard, “God will never place more on us than what we can bear.” But, conversely, do we place more on ourselves than we can bear? 

Today is a time filled with stress. In older days, our main concerns were infectious diseases. Today, stress is the primary cause of physical problems.  We often feel overwhelmed in an over-complicated life. One reason we suffer from an overabundance of stress is we take on responsibilities that God never meant for us to carry. Each of us possess certain gifts and talents, and the Lord knows what those attributes are. Likewise, He knows how much stress we can take. God’s way of rescuing us from stress over responsibility is by placing people in authority over us.

When we have someone in authority over us to shoulder decisions and subsequent responsibilities, it relieves pressure in our lives. However, when we want to not only have input, but also control every situation, we feel responsible for things God never intended for us to feel. This is insane.

It has become extremely unpopular today to teach anything that resembles voluntarily submitting to any authority.  We feel, “Why should I surrender my freedom to another? He or she will just take advantage of me. No one is going to tell me what to do.” All of us, however, have people in authority over us. These people are given to us by God, to protect us and relieve us of responsibilities that overload us.

When I go on a mission trip, I am there to minister. Although I am the pastor of the church, I submit to the one who has planned the trip. In doing so, I do not have to deal with passports, visas, luggage at the airport, transportation, and accommodations. I have God-given responsibilities at church, at home, and for my own personal wellbeing. Why should I take on responsibility that God has called another to take?

Children often cry, beg, and manipulate to get their way, but parents are there as God-appointed authorities to protect and make good decisions for them. In Ephesians 5, when Paul speaks of a wife submitting to a loving husband, he says it with the idea of protecting the wife from an overload of responsibility. After all, doesn’t she have enough decisions to make every day in the lives of her children, and the job she may have outside the home? Would it not be better to give input on a decision knowing that, although she may influence her husband, he will take the responsibility to make the decision, based on what is best for the family? 

We live in a society where people want input, and often authority, for every decision that affects their lives. Often, they do not realize that with authority comes the weight of responsibility—usually responsibility that affects others.
The church is seeing these same issues. Submitting to any authority seems old-fashioned. However, when we insist on not being submissive, four things result.

1.  We do not learn to trust God. Trusting authorities God places in our lives is a major part of our relationship with Him.

2.  We live in a “stress bowl.” We not only make decisions, but have to accept the responsibilities of those decisions as well. This is a recipe for insanity.

3.  We rob others in their walk with Christ as they grow by serving and leading others.

4.  We open ourselves up to rebellion. “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry” (1 Samuel 15:23a) As we leave the umbrella of authority God has placed over us, we lose our mind’s protection and open ourselves to Satan’s thoughts, as one involving themselves in witchcraft—again, an invitation to overload insanity.

How do we avoid this insanity?

                1.  Ask God to reveal your responsibilities to you. Who is counting on you? What is your role?

                2.  Support those in authority over you. The more authority you have, the more responsibility—the more responsibility—the more stress. Be sure it is God giving you the authority.

                3.  Pray that God will teach you to trust Him as you submit to those He has placed in authority.   Relax, rest in Him.

I hope this helps. 

What are your thoughts?


  1. Excellent Title, Thank you for Posting. It is Pure Insanity when Richard Land, who is the Former President of the Southern Baptist Ethics Committee and in charge of Curriculum for All Certified 501 C3 Preachers, is also a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The Council on Foreign Relations or CFR, Swore to Eliminate US Sovereignty and Bring in a One World Luciferian Government with the Mark of the Beast System.

    It Makes any Saved Christian Super Skeptical, when the Leader of the Southern Baptist Convention is a Deep Satanist and designed the Curriculum at the seminaries for All Preachers. Luke 22:36 States - Sell your clothes to buy a sword. It was Illegal to own a sword under Roman law and punishable by death. Christ told the deciples to Disobey Roman law and buy a sword to protect themselves.

    If Preachers Focused messages on Getting Saved and Following the Commandments of Christ. The Number of Saved Christians would continue to Increase and churches would grow.

    1. Wow, Tom. I don't know where you are getting your information, but Richard Land is no satanist,and in my brief conversations with him, seems to be a strong Christian. I think you are using my blog to write your own. Read John 1:14 and think on it.

    2. Haha, yes Dwayne, Thank you for your response. I tend to get carried away sometimes. You are the BEST speaker Ever and I got Saved because of your Passionate Messages about Christ. Richard Land is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations though, So is Rick Warren and many other members of clergy. To become a member of the CFR, you have to agree to Eliminate US Sovereignty with the goal to bring in a One World government. This includes Chipping everyone in the Mark of the Beast system. All members Swear an Allegiance to Lucifer.

      The Council on Foreign Relations has created much of the Chaos in the world, then comes in as the savior with the solution, moving their agenda forward. One example is the Creation of Al-Qaeda in the 1970's under the Carter Administration. Al-Qaeda is now ISIS or IS or whatever other name they dream up to continue to Deceive. This is their 3rd party army used to create the Chaos. Order Out of Chaos - "Ordo Ab Chao," this is written on the wall of every Masonic Lodge. Many of the members of the CFR are also High Level Masons.

      Richard Land is also in charge of the curriculum of seminaries today. He is looked up to by Preachers and has a Great deal of Power in Controlling Preacher's Talking Points. Haha, Doesn't this Make you Super Leary of the guy? He is the Real leader of most churches. It is Important to "Check" the Leadership before being deceived.

  2. Great thoughts Pastor. We do have a tendency to take on way more than we can handle and sometimes rob others of their authority and opportunity to lead and make decisions. I don't have this problem currently but I certainly have put myself here way too many times in the past. God bless and thank you.

    1. Thanks, Chris for your thoughts. We miss you in Oviedo.

  3. Great article. It is a misnomer to think that God never gives us more than we can handle. If that were true then why would we need God? We could do it all ourselves. On the contrary, God is constantly giving us more than we can handle because, just as you said, He wants us to give Him our burdens and depend and trust in Him. That was the original sin in the Garden that Satan tempted Adam and Eve with...

    “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:4-5

    Translation: "You can depend on yourself, you don't need God, you can be like Him and control your own life".

    Stress is the sign that we need to give it to God before it becomes the sin of anxiety. If we truly believe that God is fully in control of all things than we won't want take it back knowing that even if the outcome is not what we wanted we trust what God said in Romans 8:28 is true.

    1. Thanks for your insight, Greg. Great verse to share!